Studio Associato di Architettura Carafa e Guadagno (CGA) operates in the technical and design field, with a strong focus on the restoration area.

    The architecture firm is supported by a number of professional services provided by qualified technicians, who are legitimately registered with the respective professional bodies, in the areas of urbanism, structural works, public contracts, infrastructures, plant building, environmental impact assessment, fire prevention, workplace safety, noise risk and electromagnetic fields assessment.

    Thanks to the long time experience accumulated, CGA specializes in the all types of professional duties required for the preparation of design and technical documentation.

    The expertise in this area covers both the initiation of new buildings as well as restoration, adaptation, improvement, renovation and functional reuse of pre-existing ones. Among the numerous works designed and realized by CGA, the restoration of the Castle of Sessa Aurunca, the redevelopment and refurbishment of the Ex Caserma Sacchi ensemble, and the restoration of the Castle of Ugento are to be mentioned as particularly noteworthy.


    In addition, CGA participated and won a number of National and International design contests:

    • 2007 The International Contest for the design of a scholastic building in Naples.
    • 2002 Terkas Prize.
    • 2002The Contest for the Interventions of substitutive housing in the district of Soccavo.

    Last but not least, the CGA firm proudly participates in several architectural design conferences, holding a good score of accepted publications.

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